Student Perspectives

Intro to Environmental Psych

"I redesigned my room because of this class and make day-to-day observations related to this class so thank you!" Learn more

Indigenous Ingenuity

This course embodied [interdisciplinarity] more than anything. We not only heard from professors of diverse disciplinary perspectives sure how as history, art, law, and Archaeology. Learn more

Humans and Climate Change

"Discussions made me feel more engaged, because I got to hear a variety of different views and occasionally give my own view. The final presentation made me feel more engaged because I got to present about the contribution I had made to the project and how it could potentially help solve the problem of global warming." (Humans and Climate Change) Learn more

Science Fiction

"I got to understand each text from the perspective of an English major, a chemistry major, an engineer and many more. This allowed me to work with the text more and grasp more fully every aspect." (Science Fiction) Learn more

Plagues and People

“I don't think it's fair to talk about Plagues and People compared to other classes I've taken - I've taken a lot of classes I loved, and that was because I wanted to, not solely because of a requirement." Learn more