Photo Credits

Campaign Photos: Home page.
Molly Pan '09 experiments with scratching at a hip-hop fair. The event was part of the “Researching Hip Hop” class that featured original materials from the Library's Hip-Hop Collection. (April 2009). Courtesy of Gwen Glazer and the Cornell University Library.

Students in “Horticulture 2010: The Art of Horticulture” preparing site for sod sofa. (Fall 2011). Courtesy of Marcia Eames-Sheavly; photo credit: Craig Cramer.

Professor Anurag Agrawal (“Chemical Ecology”) lectures about monarch butterflies while receiving the Jordan Prize. (February 2010). Courtesy of Anurag Agrawal.

Campaign Photo: Secondary pages.
Students in “Personal Genomics and Medicine” discuss the results of their own genetic ancestry tests with Professor Chip Aquadro and Visiting Professor Spencer Wells. (Spring 2012). Photo credit: Jason Koski, University Photography.