University Courses and the Johnson Museum Collaborate

University Courses instructors from four courses have collaborated with the Johnson Museum of Art to create interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Learn more

Eating Ethically

Joseph Erbentraut of the Huffington Post asks if there is any food that's totally ethical to eat. Learn more

Punk Culture Creates Anarchy in the Archives

Together with the University Library, Punk Culture Professors Peraino and McEnaney have created an anarchist archive detailing the growth of "punk." Learn more

Hilary Lemonick (Jr.) has published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Hilary Lemonick (Cornell Jr.) has published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer! As part of her work with Taking America's Pulse, Lemonick has written an op-ed encouraging "Millenials" to be more involved in this and upcoming elections. Learn more

Taking America's Pulse featured in Alumni Magazine

"How satisfied are you with your formal education? Which harms society more, marijuana or alcohol? Is it only acceptable to vote for a candidate from the political party with which you're registered? Is physician-assisted suicide equivalent to murder?" Learn more

Imagining Migration in Film and Literature

What role should the arts play in debates about transnational migration, one of the principal factors re-shaping community and communication today? Learn more

Students in Art of Horticulture Go Digital

Students in the Art of Horticulture got a quick introduction on how to create digital botanical art during their class on Tuesday. Working in teams, they arranged locally sourced flowers from trials at the Bluegrass Lane Turf and Landscape Research Facility and a local flower farm, Plenty of Posies, on flatbed scanners to capture their form and color in two-dimensional form. Learn more

University Courses Tackle love and food justice

Several of the new University Courses have been featured in this month's edition of the Cornell Chronicle. Learn more

University Courses Faculty Awarded Weiss Presidential Fellowship

Chip Aquadro and Laura Harrington, members of the University Courses Faculty, are among those awarded the Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship in 2015-16. Learn more

"Slope Media" highlights Taking America's Pulse

Author: Jeremy Candelas Imagine you had the chance to find out what Americans thought about almost any conceivable topic. Perhaps you’d want to know how Americans felt about aggression on social media. Maybe you’d be curious about how opinions on U.S. relations with China have recently evolved? Or how Americans viewed the quality of their education? Learn more