Indigenous Ingenuities as Living Networks (Spring 2016)

AIS 2100, ARTH 2101, AMST 2108


This course explores Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) knowledge and its application across the disciplines and through time. In particular, it offers a glimpse into Cornell’s local indigenous culture through Haudenosaunee understanding of themselves as a unique people, maintaining traditional teachings and fulfilling ancient responsibilities in the world. Students will engage multiple primary sources including: art, archives, material and expressive culture and interact with Haudenosaunee knowledge holders, intellectuals, and elders. 

This class has been approved as a University Course for 2015-2016 and encourages cross-disciplinary study while engaging subjects through new and different lenses. It fulfills the CALS Cultural Analysis (CA), Knowledge Cognition and Morality (KCM), and Human Diversity (D) distribution requirements.