Imagining Migration in Film and Literature

GERST 3581 / PMA 3481 /VISST 3581 / COML 3580 / AMST 3581

What role should the arts play in debates about transnational migration, one of the

principal factors re-shaping community and communication today? What difference can

artists make? Focusing on literature and film from the late 20th and early 21st centuries,

with primary examples drawn from Germany, France and the United States—in relation

to Turkey, Hungary, Tunisia, Iran, Nigeria, China, Mexico, and Japan—this course

explores how creative arts rework the fabric of social life affected by migration.



What students have said about this course:

“ideal for in-depth, fun, and robust discussions”

“an incredible class that helped me think differently about art, migration, and my

view of others in the world”

“More than anything else, this class makes me believe in imagination and

encourages me to keep this perspective with me even when I start a professional

career. I talk about this class all the time to my friends.”



With visits from prominent poet, novelist, and public intellectual on Turkish migration,

Zafer Şenocak, and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jakob Brossmann.