Blaxploitation Film and Photography (LA-AS)

ARTH 3505/ AMST 3515/ ASRC 3505/ FGSS 3505/ PMA 3505/ VISST 3505


Blaxploitation films of the 1970’s are remembered for their gigantic Afros, enormous guns, slammin’ soundtracks, sex, drugs, nudity, and violence.  Never before or since have so many African American performers been featured in starring roles.  Macho male images were projected alongside strong, yet sexually submissive female ones.  But how did these images affect the roles that black men and women played on and off the screen and the portrayal of the black body in contemporary society?  This interdisciplinary course explores the range of ideas and methods used by critical thinkers in addressing the body in art, film, photography and the media.  We will consider how the display of the black body affects how we see and interpret the world by examining the construction of beauty, fashion, hairstyles and gendered images as well as sexuality, violence, race, and hip-hop culture.  Film screenings at Cornell Cinema and the Africana Center.

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