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Cornell University student Sally Yang has published an  op-ed in the Baltimore Sun using data she collected while enrolled in Taking America's Pulse.

If Controversies About Inequality interests you, check out some upcoming events from the Center for the Study of Inequality.


University Courses and the Johnson Museum Collaborate

University Courses instructors from four courses have collaborated with the Johnson Museum of Art to create interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Learn more

University Courses Faculty Awarded Weiss Presidential Fellowship

Chip Aquadro and Laura Harrington, members of the University Courses Faculty, are among those awarded the Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship in 2015-16. Learn more


University Courses at Cornell are designed to teach students to think from the perspectives of multiple disciplines, across departments and among diverse fields of study. University Courses foster intellectual discovery, promote debate, and address complex issues. Students taking University Courses enroll alongside students from across all the colleges at Cornell and examine engaging subjects through new and different lenses.

Most University Courses are team taught, many by faculty from different departments. The sixteen courses supported by the program in 2016-17 are taught by over two dozen faculty members from across the University. The courses themselves are listed in the following departments and programs:

American Studies

Africana Studies

Art History


Biology and Society

Cognitive Studies


Comparative Literature

Computer Science

Design and Environmental Analysis

Earth and Atmospheric Science

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology




German Studies

Global Health



Human Development

Industrial and Labor Relations

Information Science

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Neurobiology and Behavior

Nutritional Sciences

Performing and Media Arts


Plant Biology

Plant Breeding


Science and Technology Studies


Visual Studies


See Courses offered for more information about University Courses offerings in 2016-17, and Faculty for more information about the Faculty who will teach these courses.

Faculty interested in proposing a University Course should consult the Call for Proposals.

Student Perspectives

Indigenous Ingenuity

This course embodied [interdisciplinarity] more than anything. We not only heard from professors of diverse disciplinary perspectives sure how as history, art, law, and Archaeology. Learn more

Science Fiction

"I got to understand each text from the perspective of an English major, a chemistry major, an engineer and many more. This allowed me to work with the text more and grasp more fully every aspect." (Science Fiction) Learn more